Velkommen til X-102 Sailing community

Hvis du er aktiv sejler, som skipper eller gast, på en X-102, så byder vi dig hermed velkommen til X-102 klubben. Tanken med klubben er, at dele viden tips og tricks og ikke mindst historier for den model, der var med til at skabe fundamentet for X-yacht succes.

Sjælland Rundt 2021 – 7 både deltager

Den største flåde af X-102 både deltager i dette års Sjælland rundt, som fejre deres 75 år jubilæum. Følg med på tracking via trac-trac, eller for dem der tracker løbet via hjemmesiden.



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Båden er fra 1981 og deltog på sin introduktionstur i en af de største sjælland rundt sejladser med over 1800 deltagende både. Der er bygget 161 både igennem tiden, som findes i Mk1 og Mk2 udgaver, hvor forskellen ligger in indretning i kabys, og køjer.

X-102 klubben er endnu ikke en officiel klub under dansk sejlunion, og drives som et initiativ af Skipper fra Peciva, i samarbejde med Skipper fra oneXtwo, der har stiftet facebook gruppen.

Alt kommunikation mellem gaster, skippere og personer, der ønsker at købe en X-102 foregår igennem klubbens facebook gruppe, som du finder et link til i menuen.

2021 er der 40 år siden, at modellen blev introduceret, og vi vil forsøge at samle så mange både til forskellige stævner i løbet at det kommende sejlerår.

Med stor sejler hilsen

X-102 Klubben

X-102 Facebook sailing community

Bliv medlem i vores facebook gruppe X-102 sailing community, hvor du kan spørge til råd eller indhente information, eller i bidrage til gruppen med viden, tips og tricks.

1 month ago

Modding the x-102In 2018 i took over the X-102 “Don Nix” from Helge Nordahl. Since then I have modified the boat to fit me, an older guy who sails plenty single-handed. I call it “geriatrification” but much of it goes for singlehanded as well. This includes changing some things in the interior as well as rig and sail plan.Now that I’m almost there where I truly enjoy this boat I thought I would start to share some of the ideas.Let me start with changes to the rig:The changes to the rig are made in collaboration with Hans Petter Lundgård a local rigger. The ideas are partly mine but mostly his.For single-handed sailing it’s no surprise that the first thing I addressed is the running backstays. As much as I enjoy changing the forestay trim it’s no secret, they are a hassle. So, here is how I dealt with them:First, I added jumpers to the mast. This has been really great. It makes the backstay more powerful and reduces the dependency on the runners. Instead of only bending the very top it now induces a nice bend through the top half of the mast depowering the main.The second thing I did was to remove the winched tor the back stays! When single-handed the winches on the aft cabin roof are just in the wrong place. Even crewed they are awkward. I know it’s normal but I think the solution I have is better. I replaced the winches with clutches and lead the rope to the genoa winches.The loward winch is the one you need for tightening the runners and that is free from genoa sheets. (I stopped using the cabin top winches for genoa sheets because the sheets are slowed down when tacking because of the extra block.) This works great. These winches are new and double the power of the original runner winches. Therefore, I could reduce the number of blocks to one on the runners. I used a ring instead of a block, and with runners in dynema, they are ultra-light and not so much to worry about if they should slam about.The next step was to get them out of the way. I made two points where I could attach them forward on the boat, yet they would still give some support. The most forward point was on the genoa track close to the check stays. The more aft point is on the foot rail just in the fore-end of the cockpit. I used hooks to quickly release them and use the runners in the conventional way. To make this arrangement feasible I needed a foot block to lead them out of the way from the cockpit. I just used a big ring, filled it which epoxy and drilled a hole for an 8 mm bolt and fixed them to the aft deck.This setup has been really good for my needs, and it is easy to shift between different modes according to weather and crew.I will try to share more in the next chapter, which will be about the sail wardrobe. It’s a bit different than the normal. JThen, hopefully, there will be a post on the interior and deck modification. ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Had the code zero out for a spin. ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Äntligen semester och härlig segling⛵️🙂 ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Today vacation starts, first port after departure Kiel, Sønderborg. ... See MoreSee Less
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Nyheder fra X-102 klubben

X-102 Rig drawing

The swedish X-102 community have been quite active in past years, and collected a lot of memorabilia including a rig drawing of the the MK2 version of the X-102. Thanks for sharing Patric Carlén I have also received a specification of the boat equipment when sold from X-yatchs.

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