Virtual skipper meeting number 1

Meeting summary from the first virtual skipper meeting

Participants: Kent Rosendal Karsten Normand Henrik Bo Christoffersen

We have had our first virual skipper meeting in the i X-102 community with participation of Kent, Karsten og Henrik. We have agreed to focus on 4 regattas next year, where we want to gather as many X-102 boats as possible.

The regattas are:

  • Palby Cup i maj 28-30 Maj
  • Gilleleje Cup i Juni 2 eller 12 juni
  • Sjælland Rundt i juni 17-20 Juni
  • Stelton Cup i oktober

Kent has promised to recruit some of the X-102 sailors around fyn for for the palby Cup regatta, and we expect to have at least 3 boats from sealand joining in may. Gilleleje Cup is a combined regatta an social activity, and is planned for either the 2 or the 12 of june.

The big event next year is sjælland rundt and season ends for the sailors in Øresund with Stelton Cup.

Summer Holiday: We discussed the possibility for a meet-up next year in july, but no plans were settled, but we agreed to share our vacation plans for the summer via facebook.

If we have any of the german or dutch sailors in nordic waters in july please let us know.


The tracking used under Stelton cup will be used to track the planned regattas next year, and if we are more than 5 boats we agreed to share the cost for the tracking for the period we use it. We have more than 500 page views on sunday during the regatta and about 100 unique users have checked in to see on-line or see the regatta the following days. Please sign up for a key via the website