Danmarks Radio tv program 1982

X-Yatchts have been so kind and point us in the direction of the DR archives where we find a 30 minutes program from 1982 talking about export success of the X-102. The tv program is in Danish and there are not subtitles, but it is still fun to watch.

I dont have time to do a transcript of the program in english, but there are a couple of key takeaways from the program.

  • Price in 1982 – 400.000 DKR which is equivalent to 1 million DKR in 2021
  • 55 boats sold in 1982 only 3 i Denmark at the time of the program
  • Turnover in 1982 in was 20. million Dkr equivalent to 54 million Dkr in 2021
  • Build number 55 is featured in the start of program
  • Major markets were Norway, Sweden and England
  • The founders payout the first 3 years where 70.000 Dkr pr year
  • Production was sourced to smaller companies to avoid build a huge administration, and reduce risk. They needed owner of the workshop of to be involved in the build to secure quality of work.

At the end of the program Niels Jeppesen sails together with Bjørn Olsen (Ship designer) responsible for Nimbus 30 amongst other, and a childhood inspiration to Niels. Bjørn is being asked about his opinion on the X-102, and repond “I like the more narrow design, and not wide body because we need to go upwind – pointing” he also thinks that IOR design rules was a risk due to the missing shaft in the hull. Niels was quite fast to respond “I have just participating in a regatta in Finland where we sailed in 20 meter pr sek reaching a speed of 17 know we need to man on the rudder to be able to control it. If the rudder can withstand that, it for sure is secure as a family cruiser.

You can click on the button below to see the TV show in full screen.

Henrik Bo Christoffersen
Author: Henrik Bo Christoffersen

Jeg startede min sejler karriere i 2007 i en special rigget banner-30 med torpedokøl og andet ror, som primært blev brugt til kapsejlads. Jeg købte min X-102 i 2016, da jeg godt kunne tænke mig en lidt større båd, der kunne benyttes til ferie turer.